Case Management and Repatriation

CLCA Maritime offers a complete end-to-end service, from initial telephone advice to emergency repatriation, cost containment and rehabilitation if required.

Ensures responsive and proactive case management of logistical and medical requirements of crew members.

Our 24/7 Case Management and Repatriation team offers a comprehensive response to any injury, from minor illnesses to complex traumatic incidents.

Our clients include:

– Shipping companies

– P&I Clubs

– Assistance companies

– Crewing agencies

– Major insurers

CLCA Maritime has a dedicated team of highly qualified doctors, nurses and other medical and operational professionals who are experienced in the case management of ill or injured travellers, or crew members with challenging health issues wherever they are in the world.

Our team can manage any or all aspects of case handling, including:

  • Initial clinical and logistical advice
  • Requesting and reviewing medical reports
  • Remote patient assessment by multiple means
  • Coordination and liaison with all parties
  • Sourcing qualified medical escorts and arranging air repatriations
  • Communication with referring and receiving teams as well as relevant third parties
  • Logistical planning, including transport bookings and ticketing
  • Hospital admission and bed booking
  • Implementation of mission tracking and live updates to interested parties
  • Patient monitoring during long or complex admissions
  • Translation services
  • Daily reporting and end-of-case summaries
  • Data collection, evaluation, follow-up and feedback
  • Tracking escalating medical costs and cost containment

If a crew member is taken ill, CLCA Maritime will be able to share the data with providers to ensure a speedy and appropriate medical response.