CLCA Maritime: Ensuring the Health and Safety of Crew Members on Board

24th May 2023

The shipping industry is an essential part of the global economy transporting goods and other services across the seas and oceans. However, working on board a ship can be challenging, and the health and well-being of the crew members are paramount for the efficient and safe operation of the vessel.

To address this issue, CLCA Maritime provides specialist medical support to ensure the health and safety of crew members on board. It’s a completely bespoke solution to ensure that seafarers/offshore personnel have a continuous focus on medical welfare.

CLCA Maritime has developed the MSP or Medical Support Program. This includes giving recommendations on how best to manage existing conditions, advising crew members of the importance of taking sufficient medications for their time at sea, and recommending care to mitigate the risks of illness or injury linked to any long-term medical conditions. 

While working with a range of clients, including shipping companies, P&I clubs, assistance companies, crewing agencies, and major insurers, we ensure that any medical emergencies can be managed quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk to the crew member and the vessel. This provides peace of mind for both crew members and their employers, knowing that their health and well-being are in safe hands.

The benefits of the Program (MSP) include:

  • Prevention instead of response.
  • Boost crew morale and transparency in the knowledge that their welfare is being looked after.

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