Air Ambulance

Bespoke solutions for treatment, transfer and/or repatriation of patients across the world

CLCA Assistance has a vast experience retrieving and transporting patients suffering from a wide range of complex and non-complex health conditions including:
  • Invasive ventilation (including tracheostomy) and non-invasive methods
  • Home oxygen or new high oxygen requirements
  • Gastrostomy parenteral feeding
  • Indwelling or suprapubic catheters
  • Requirement for passive movements therapy
  • Requirement for seizure management
  • Acute strokes and rehabilitating patients
  • Chronic neurological complications after head injury, strokes and tumours
  • Acute traumatic brain injuries
  • Acute or chronic spinal cord injuries and degenerative spinal diseases

When case handling for our clients and patients, CLCA Assistance is able to provide a complete integrated Air Ambulance/Medical Repatriation transport package that will support a patient for a full bed-to-bed transfer, meaning that we will accompany the patient from their current hospital to their receiving hospital. We are proud to offer our services across the world, even if the current or receiving hospital is not located in the UK.

Our combined years of experience ensures that even the most complex of health needs, as long as the patient is fit-to-fly (FTF), can be supported. Our staff complete a thorough background check as well as receiving on-going training to ensure we are able to perform at the highest limits of quality and professionalism and are overseen by a hugely experienced Medical and Operations team. All our equipment is frequently checked and regularly maintained to UK and European standards, to ensure our missions are conducted safely and with the efficacy that comes with using the right tools for the job.

If requested, we are able to use the capabilities of an alternative, EURAMI accredited, air ambulance provider through our network of global partners.

We closely monitor and assess the patient’s medical status from the very first contact and we will liaise with his/her current medical team and often the receiving team, too. Good communication and expert opinions allow us to fully develop a bespoke plan for the entire journey.

We will provide a detailed handover to the receiving medical team before a final check to see that the patient’s needs are being satisfied, before our return to base.


For more information, please contact one of our team: | +44 (0)800 999 4003