How CLCA Maritime supports mental health at sea

18th May 2023

In a significant step towards prioritising mental health at sea, CLCA Maritime is actively working towards creating a supportive environment for crew members, ensuring they receive the care they deserve during their voyages.

Recognising the need for timely intervention, CLCA Maritime plans to partner with qualified mental health practitioners who are trained to actively listen and respond to the concerns and needs of crew members where they will have the opportunity to discuss their issues and have their mental health assessed. Most concerns can be addressed and resolved with the expertise and guidance of counsellors.

However, in cases requiring further assistance, the counsellors may arrange follow-up appointments, recommend a referral to a trained Senior Clinical Psychologist, or, in some situations, facilitate an in-person counselling appointment, subject to availability. If necessary, CLCA Maritime can also help arrange repatriation with suitable escorts to ensure crew members receive the necessary support and the care they deserve during their voyages and after repatriation as required.

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